How Digestive Enzymes and Prebiotics Resolve Post-meal Bloat


As most people know digestive enzymes and prebiotics can be very helpful to eliminate post meal bloating. But the same supplements can also be useful to treat skin conditions and autoimmune conditions like free_book_dwnloadeczema, acne,  and rheumatoid arthritis as an example.

It's particularly important for women because women make less digestive enzymes then men. So they often can't digest their food as well, Thus, partially digested food stays in the intestinal tract. It draws water into the intestinal tract. This causes bloating and other kinds of discomfort in the intestinal tract, which can be embarrassing and uncomforable for them.

Now, if you have any abdominal symptoms like this then you really should be checked by your physician to make sure that you don't have a food allergy or you don't have lactose intolerance or fructose intolerance, celiac disease or some other intestinal problem.  If you're woman you have to also be aware that ovarian problems could lead to some lower abdominal bloating as well. If all of that is negative then the problem usually can be solved by just taking a supplement, with digestive enzymes and the prebiotics FOS and inulin.

Digestive enzyme supplements help your body breakthrough down food completely into its individual component parts, so you can have normal absorption and assimilation of these nutrients.

Probiotics promote the growth of the friendly bacteria in the large intestine,  which assist not only with digestion, but help to regulate the immune system. So it's important even for skin conditions and some autoimmune conditions like eczema, rheumatoid arthritis and other related conditions.  The immune system works better if it's regulated properly by the gut microflora (friendly gut bacteria).

So in these types of cases, I recommend a combination supplement that contains both digestive enzymes (a high potency full spectrum blend of digestive enzymes), and the probiotics -FOS and inulin.

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