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New Study Finds Calcium Supplements Don’t Pose Heart Attack Risk 11/07/12

In recent years, several retrospective studies have raised concerns about a potential adverse effect of calcium supplements on risk of heart attack. These studies linked high dose calcium intake, from supplements, with a slightly greater risk of heart attack. However, not all researchers are convinced of this association.   Much is at stake by instructing patients to reduce reliance on calcium supplementation in light of the fact that calcium supplementation (with vitamin D) has been shown to prevent osteo...

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Vitamin C Helps Prevent Osteoporosis 10/10/12

Studies over the years have shown that higher vitamin C intake is associated with higher bone mass in humans, and a lower risk of osteoporosis. Until recently no one knew how vitamin C increased or preserved bone density. However, a 2012 study in the open journal PloS ONE has provided some evidence to explain how it works. Researchers showed that when mice were given large doses of vitamin C, it  stimulated bone formation to protect their skeleton. Vitamin C was shown to increase th...

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