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Why Every Adult Should Complete The Free Online Nutrition, Lifestyle & Anti-aging Assessment 03/06/12

  Let me begin by stating that you should have a physical exam by your physician every year. This enables your doctor to assess physical aspects of health (blood pressure, pulse, skin lesions, respiratory function, rectal exam, prostate exam, internal exam etc), for which there is no substitute. Your doctor will also order some standard blood work to assess your blood level of cholesterol, triglycerides, glucose, and other basic blood parameters, along with a urinalysis. These procedures are designed to look ...

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Breakthrough Research in Migraine Relief 01/20/11

In recent years medical research has shown that supplementation with the herb Butterbur can reduce the frequency of migraines by up to 77%. These studies have been published in prestigious journals including, Neurology, Headache, Lancet, British Medical Journal, International Journal of Clinical and Pharmacological Therapies and others The Gold Standard Dosage of Butterbur is 75 mg twice per day. The herb should be standardized to contain 15% sesquiterpenes as petasines These active constituents have be...

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