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How High Blood Sugar Shortens Your Life: Part 4: How to keep your blood sugar in the ideal range for longevity 07/20/12

In the previous articles on this subject I discussed how high blood sugar increases risk for: Diabetes and its complications Heart disease Kidney disease (chronic renal failure) Macular degeneration and other retinopathies that cause vision loss Cancer Alzheimer’s disease (type 3 diabetes) There is no question that long-term blood sugar control is a key factor in longevity and remaining disease-free. The blood sugar level that ...

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How High Blood Sugar Shortens Your Life: Part Two – High Blood Sugar and Cardiovascular and Kidney Disease 07/10/12

Having a fasting blood sugar (glucose level) above 5 mmol/L (90 mg/dL) increases risk for heart attack, stroke, other cardiovascular problems, and kidney disease (chronic renal failure). This occurs because excess glucose in the blood stream begins to sugar-coat proteins that are also circulating in the blood. Sugar-coating proteins transforms these proteins into what are known as “ Advanced Glycosylated End-Products” or AGE-proteins.   AGE-Proteins Ca...

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