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Health Destiny Seminar Part 9 – Nutrition & cancer part II, with how to overcome temptation to eat unhealthy foods 03/21/09

In this section of the seminar Dr. Meschino completes the section on nutrition and cancer and teaches you how to use safer, solution-substitution foods in  moments of temptation instead of high fat comfort foods. He also reviews the key points of the seminar providing the outline for a prudent approach to diet, exercise and supplementation in slowing aging and preventing disease, as you go about the business of creating your personal Health Destiny.

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Consumer Seminar Excerpt: The Genetic Time Bombs Of Aging & Disease After 40 (Nature’s Plan) 03/08/09

In this short excerpt Dr. Meschino explains how nature plans for us to experience decline, decay and degeneration after age 40 (so that death will eventually occur).  He counters with our new understanding that targeted nutritional supplements after age 40 can slow or reverse age-related changes and counter the genetic time bombs of aging and disease (foiling nature's plan) - allowing a longer life with greater function, quality and mind power.

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