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Creatine Supplementation Proven To Maximize Muscle Recovery After Limb Immobilization: Important implications for fracture patients 08/13/12

Although it has been known for a number of years that creatine supplementation is the gold-standard method to re-establish muscle size and strength after limb immobilization (example – after having your arm or leg in a cast due to a fracture), very few family doctors, physiotherapists and orthopedists recommend creatine supplementation to their fracture patients. This is indeed unfortunate. A published report in the Journal of Physiology (Hespel P et al, 2001) was the first to show that providin...

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Small Amount of Jogging Extends Life By 6 Years: Danish study finds 06/11/12

Since the first published paper by Dr Ralph Paffenbarger, renowned epidemiologist, who provided the original evidence to show that regular physical exercise reduces risk of vascular disease and all-cause mortality (1986 – New England Journal of Medicine), there has been great about how much exercise is optimal and what type of endurance exercise is best. Paffenbarger, who, in 1967, took up marathon at age 45, was the head researcher of the College Alumni Study, which ultimately confirmed (in the 19...

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Creatine Supplementation for Anti-aging 04/19/12

When I was younger I used creatine supplementation to enhance the results of my workouts in terms of  increasing muscle mass and sports performance. During this phase of my life I am realizing how valuable creatine supplementation is to preserving my strength, muscle mass and endurance ability and warding off age-related changes to my body. Recent studies have shown that providing older individuals with creatine supplements makes a remarkable difference to their strength, energy and preservation of...

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