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The Prevention and Treatment of Breast Cancer

To help prevent the recurrence of breast cancer and/or slow the progression of the disease the scientific literature suggests that the following dietary and supplementation practices should be considered to complement standard medical approaches

Breast Cancer Prevention: The Top 10 List of Nutrition and Lifestyle Steps All Women Should Know

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Recommended Supplements

Essential Fatty Acids

Nature’s Essential Oils contain the exact complement of essential fatty acids that are converted by the body into anti-inflammatory hormones, with t More

Herbal Detoxifiers and Immune Support


Natural Sleep Aid Nutrients

Sleep-E Naturals contains four natural agents that provide better quality of sleep, with less night time awakenings. This product also helps reduce an More

Natural Anti-Inflammatory Herbs

For those with a history of cancer the following adjunctive measures may be used in conjunction with standard medical treatment and/or after medical t More

High Potency Multiple Vitamin and Mineral

Multi Vitamin and Mineral contains optimal dosages of key nutrients that help boost overall energy production within all cells of the body. More

Additional Recommended Supplements

Additional Vitamin E Succinate


1600 IU per day

Vitamin D


10,000 IU per day for one month, then 5,000 IU per day thereafter



1000 mg, twice daily



additional 300 mcg per day

Additional Ground Flaxseed


50 gms (2 heaping tablespoons) once per day – mix into Adeeva Protein Shake

14 mushroom blend


2 teaspoons per day (4 grams) mixed into non- fat yogurt

Soy Isoflavones


200 mg per day

Nutrition & Lifestyle Changes

Dietary and Lifestyle Considerations

  • No red meat,pork,lamb,duck
  • No deep fried foods,no foods that are cooked to completion via pan-frying in oil
  • ... More

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