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The Prevention and Treatment of Arthritis

Osteoarthritis (OA) is the most common joint disease in humans and all vertebrate animals. Nearly 50 percent of the population suffers from osteoarthritis by age 65. Osteoarthritis is a chronic disease of the joints, especially the weight-bearing joints that develops when the linings of joints degenerate, leading to inflammation, pain, and decreased mobility and function. Current thinking is that osteoarthritis is not just a single disorder, but a complex pattern of changes in the repair mechanisms that keep joints functioning normally. A number of different factors can impinge upon the health of joint tissue, including biomechanical forces, changes in body biochemistry, inflammatory processes, and altered immune function.

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Recommended Supplements

Glucosamine and Anti-Inflammatory Agents

Glucosamine Joint Formula contains cartilage-building glucosamine sulfate along with three natural anti-inflammatory herbs, which help to relieve the  More

High Potency Multiple Vitamin and Mineral

All-In-One Multi-Vitamin & Mineral contains important doses of antioxidants shown to reduce inflammation, along with B-vitamins and magnesium – all  More

Essential Fatty Acids

Nature’s Essential Oils contain the exact complement of essential fatty acids that are converted by the body into anti-inflammatory hormones, with t More

Natural Anti-Inflammatory Herbs (as required)

Nature’s Relief contains powerful anti-inflammatory agents that can be added to the treatment plan in cases of more severe forms of osteoarthritis,  More

Additional Recommended Supplements

Dietary Management

Dietary factors that can be helpful in the management of OA include following a low fat diet, minimizing alcohol intake and the consumption of trans-fats. High fat animal foods contain a fat known as arachidonic acid that the body readily converts into a hormone (prostaglandin series-2) that promotes inflammatory changes in our joints. Studies indicate that switching to a lower animal fat diet can reduce pain and inflammation in various types of arthritic disorders. Alcohol and trans-fats also promote the formation of prostaglandin series-2, and should be eliminated or minimized in the diet.

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