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Let’s talk for a moment of thyroid support nutrients. You know what's interesting is that a lot of people as they get older start to experience a more sluggish thyroid if they have symptoms of an under active thyroid so they have fatigue, they have a difficult time losing weight, they gain weight much more easily as they get older, they have cold hands and feet, their skin texture changes, they have a lowered resistance to infection all of these can trigger the idea that maybe there's an underlying thyroid disorder and yet when some people gone have for blood test and the doctor comes back and says your blood tests are normal but here's the thing sometimes as blood test or pick up an early stage what's called thyroid dysfunctional as we could all do the thyroid slows down a little bit and so you have a more sluggish type of thyroid gland.

Some people as early as age 35 to 40 years start to experience sort of a sluggish thyroid dysfunction problem. There are some nutrients that can help if your blood tests are normal but you still have some thyroid type symptoms there are some nutrients that can be useful at boosting to output of thyroid hormone and helping the body converts the T4 into T3. T3 is the more active form of the thyroid hormone and T4 is the less active form. But you need enzymes to convert T4 to T3 so some natural health products have been shown to be useful in this regard such as Withania somnifera as well as the amino acid known as Tyrosine. In fact Tyrosine is the amino acid that the thyroid gland converts the thyroid hormone.But it requires certain vitamins and minerals to do that so those nutrients have to come in conjunction with your Tyrosine intake.

If you have any sort of thyroid sluggish problems you might want to consider thyroid support nutrient supplement product that has a combination of the Withania somnifera with Tyrosine and with other vitamins minerals that can help to create the whole effect on the body where it's boosting thyroid function and helping your body make more of T4 type of the hormone so you start reverse some of the effects.

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